As a leading provider of airport software solutions, Vortex is trusted by airports across Canada and worldwide to enhance daily airport operations and safety management.

We invite you to become a part of the Vortex community and experience the difference a truly customer-centric, adaptive airport software solution can make.


Vortex provides robust capabilities for managing your airport with a low implementation cost and outstanding customer service.

Easy to Use

Easy to use system for staff at all skill levels and includes a comprehensive training process.

Web Based

Accessible via any web browser on desktop or tablet - no software to install locally or server to maintain.

Secure & Reliable

Includes 24/7 monitoring, continuous off-site backup and enterprise data SSL encryption.

Unlimited Users

Includes unlimited user accounts with granular permissions - no paying "by the user".

Comprehensive Reporting

Report on all quantifiable data with the ability to have specialized reports developed.

Auditor Approved

Helps support you through internal and external audits of your systems.


Vortex can be purchased one module at a time or as a complete package with rapid customization to suit your needs. Each module includes unlimited support and ongoing software updates.


Manage safety, operational and security response.

Work Orders

Manage all ad-hoc and planned/scheduled tasks at the airport including inspections and preventative maintenance.

Safety System

Manage safety concerns, change management, hazards, goals, safety performance and audits.


Manage wildlife records from patrols and strikes.

Training Records

Manage required/optional training due/upcoming and store completed training records/certificates.


Manage airside permits including application, testing, card printing, infractions, vehicle permits and inspections.


Manage tenants, leases/licenses, permits, maps/drawings, issues, insurance requirements, properties and taxes.

Customer Service

Manage customer feedback, complaints and other requests.

Curbside Assistance

Manage passenger assistance reservations/requests submitted via a website form.

Noise Management

Manage noise complaints based on source, aircraft type, location and other factors.

Airport Status Board

An overview/dashboard of your airport assets/services including notices, flight schedule, NOTAMS, TRACR etc.

Lost & Found

Manage lost & found items including processing claims, donations and disposal.

Purchase Orders

Manage purchase order approval, issuing, financial tracking, projects/budgeting and reporting.


Manage NOTAM requests, approval, issuing and closing.


Manage TRACR runway condition reports including statistical analysis and historical access of all data.


Manage all current/historical flight information and statistics.

Security Screening

Manage passenger screening data including wait times and passenger statistics.


Manage all CADORS related to your airport including email notification, statistics and linking to internal records.

Security/Operations Log

Manage real-time log entry from security and/or operations staff as they complete rounds/tasks or have information to record.

Parking Passes

Manage employee parking passes, vehicles and reporting for billing.

Visitor Passes

Manage visitor/escort passes including printing certificates.


Manage PPR requests via webform and approval with email notification.

Board Portal / Employee Portal

Manage board and/or employee documents, schedules, resolutions, memos, contact directories.

Implementation & Support

For the most successful implementation of Vortex we provide a series of remote training sessions.

For each module selected we will provide a series of tasks for you to complete, training on how to use the modules, and a review of your database to ensure you’re going down the right path. To speed up implementation we also prepopulate your database with a typical set of settings and sample checklists.

After the initial rollout of your selected modules we are available to your staff should they require any assistance using Vortex.

They need only click the "Help" button or contact our Support department by phone or email. We provide ongoing support during business days with typical same-day response. We are also available by a dedicated phone number 24 hours a day in the event of an emergency.

Frequently Asked Questions

Vortex is priced per module as a monthly or annual subscription plus a one-time setup fee (ranging from $100-$500 per module).  The license fee ranges from $25-$500/month per module.  This includes ongoing support, 24/7 monitoring and all software upgrades.

Please contact us for a live demonstration of the system and a customized proposal.

The timeline to implement Vortex greatly depends on your team’s availability to complete the tasks assigned to configure the settings and undergo training.  Implementing Vortex can also take time as you may want to create additional checklists or rethink internal procedures now that you'll have a more robust system in place.

Typical rollouts range from 2 months to a year and we’ll be ready to assist as needed throughout the process.

The first step is to have a live demonstration of Vortex where we will walk you through each module and answer any questions you may have.  We will also provide you with a detailed customized proposal for your needs. When you are ready to proceed we will provide our license agreement and, if required, you can issue a purchase order or contract to begin the setup.  Once the initial setup is complete we will schedule your team's kick-off call to begin training.

Yes! Vortex can be accessed through any internet-enabled device through it's web browser - no need for additional software or an app to download and update.  You can use a tablet in the field using a 3G/4G connection or WiFi.

Yes! Vortex uses an industry-standard database server technology which makes it easy to import data into Vortex, as well as export the data if needed.  We can also setup data feeds if you want to embed data for use in other systems.  All reports in Vortex can also be exported directly to Excel.

You can cancel your Vortex subscription at any time; there is no minimum contract length.  You always have full ownership and control over your data which we can help you export into various formats to be imported into other systems, or to be archived.


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